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eSystems, a technology-based company was started in 2006.  Due to the complex and antiquated CMS/IFE systems available in the aviation market, eSystems had the knowledge, experience, and innovation to introduce the world’s first aerospace iOS-controlled CMS/IFE iCabin System in 2010.   

iCabin is both easy-to-use and incredibly powerful.  Built on the most stable operating architecture and designed to be simple and intuitive, it's what makes the iCabin innovative.  iCabin technology unifies all of your audio, video, lighting, climate, cabin light management, communications and other electronic systems into one seamless experience.  The iCabin will redefine and transform a standard interior into a 'smart' cabin interior with a visionary solution that emphasizes reliability and a maintenance friendly architecture.  
eSystems has now created an entire suite of IFE products which will exceed all of your expectations.



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