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How does the iCabin Arm mount?


The iCabin Arm mounts into the cupholder.  With a simple twist, the locking mechanism secures the arm for a smooth flight.

Does the iCabin Arm require an STC?

The iCabin Arm stays true to the iCabin theme of 'completely removable and user-friendly,' and therefore does not require an STC.  No power is required.

Does the iCabin Arm have different sizes?


The iCabin Arm has different head attachments for the iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

What makes the iCabin Arm different than other holders?


The iCabin Arm has been developed specifically with flight in mind.  Other arms do not provide the stability and contemporary look that the iCabin Arm provides.  The head gives the user positioning flexibility, while still maintaining a stable platform to take full advantage of the iCabin experience.  

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