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How is the iCabin IFE powered?


The iCabin is both AC and DC compatible.​  The 115v AC is 'plug and play', while the 28v DC has a TSO power adapter.

How do you get content onto the iCabin IFE?

We have a proprietary app that we use to code-in the content.  To make it simple, all you have to do is ship the iCabin to us and we fast-turn it with all of the updates requested. No hassle of coding, we do not make you use a ripper to spend hours loading, we do the work so all you have to do is plug it in.  

Do I have to have internet on the aircraft to use iCabin IFE?


No, you do not have to have the internet.  We use a LAN between a router and server to provide the wireless solution.  It is like having Netflix at 35,000 ft. 

Can I stream movies or music to a bulkhead monitor?

The iCabin Air capability is an optional upgrade offered for the iCabin IFE that allows the user to stream movies or music to a bulkhead HDMI monitor or speaker system.

What is the quality of the content?

The content is coded in Blu-Ray quality and High-Definition audio​.  We provide only the best quality content.

How often can I send the iCabin IFE for updates?

You can send the iCabin in as often as you would like your content updated.  The turn-around is less than a day once we receive the box.

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