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How is the iCabin powered?


The iCabin is both AC and DC compatible.​  The 115v AC is 'plug and play', while the 28v DC has a TSO power adapter.

How do you get content onto the iCabin?

We have a proprietary app that we use to code-in the content.  To make it simple, all you have to do is ship the iCabin to us and your media we fast-turn it with all of the updates requested. No hassle of coding, we manage your personal media and provide a turnkey solution. 

Do I have to have internet on the aircraft to use iCabin?


No, you do not have to have the internet.  We use a LAN between a router and server to provide the wireless solution.  It is like having Netflix at 35,000 ft. 

What can I control on the aircraft using the iCabin?

The iCabin CMS can control lighting, temperature, communications and virtually anything else electrical throughout the cabin.

What is the 'Jet Info' section in the iCabin app?

This section is completely customizable and allows for the owner/user to put things like a buffet menu, drink menu, branding, charter information and anything else you can imagine.

Can I stream movies or music to a bulkhead monitor?

The iCabin Air capability is included in the iCabin CMS that allows the user to stream movies or music to a bulkhead HDMI monitor or speaker system.

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